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Resolved Issues of NEXBOX A95X(S905X)

Q: The PVR manager has been enabled without any PVR add-on. Enable at least one add-on in order to use the pVR functionality.

When I go back to add-on settings it seems the IPTV PVR simple client has disabled itself automatically.

Can you advise please?

S: Regarding PVR IPTV Simple client, I advise you to reinstall Kodi addon, from the Play-Google market the Kodi addon.

There is no reason to have somebody the preinstalled version of Kodi alongside with the preinstalled addons.

I did that and everything operates smoothly with the PVR IPTV Simple client.


Q: Can I control this with an android app on my phone? IF so which one?

I use the remote control for it. I don’t think there’s an app that can replace the remote control. I use this box all the time and it’s the best 20 something bucks I’ve spent. If I lost the remote that         comes with it, I would buy a new one. The box does come with a remote .

S: Yes you can. Use this app, it works flawlessly:…eIME&hl=en