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GoPro’s Karma Drone takes flight, sending sports cameras into the sky

GoPro is taking its cameras to new heights—literally. The action camera company announced last year that it’s entering the drone game, and this month, the remote-controlled aircraft that will make its cameras fly will hit the market. The company introduced the Karma drone during a launch event at Squaw Valley Ski Resort in California, and the new quadcopter boasts some exciting features for action sport athletes.

To start, the drone is foldable and even comes with a backpack, making it convenient to carry on the go. On top of that, it features a game-style controller with an integrated touch display, which makes it extremely easy to fly.

For those who are less experienced with manual flight, the drone also includes automated takeoff and landing modes, as well as a number of semi-autonomous flight modes. These hands-free flight modes are where action sport athletes can get the most out of the Karma drone. According to The Verge’s Sean O’Kane, who took the drone for a flight test, these modes include:

• Orbital Mode: the camera will stay locked on you while the drone hovers around you

• Dronie Mode: the camera will start on you while the drone zooms up into the sky

• Cable-Cam Mode: you set two points and the drone will travel in a line between them

These various features will allow extreme sport athletes to capture their feats from all kinds of new angles. Of course, a new GoPro drone wouldn’t be complete without a new camera to go with it.