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Airwheel C5 is the intelligent smart sport helmet with camera & mobile phone

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  • Based on the cooperate culture “Free Intelligent Life”, Airwheel C5 is an intelligent helmet that integrates the elements of camera, video, mobile phone and monitor.

    Airwheel C5 smart helmet

    Firstly, as a helmet itself, Airwheel C5 is an intelligent helmet for road safety. Using the high-resistance Polycarbonate as the shell material, C5 helmet can be a protective umbrella in case of emergency. The design of front air intake, deep ventilation slots, top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust holes makes it “a breathing helmet”. With the working temperature ranging from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius, Airwheel C5 can keep the wearer safe under extreme conditions. The weight is only 425g, equivalent to 3.3 iPhones 6s.

    Airwheel C5 smart helmet

    Airwheel C5 helmet heads up display can realize the camera and video functions by the front installed lens. The high-definition resolution produces high quality, full resolution and high pixel HDR video for extreme changes in light and dark conditions. The 128G maximum internal storage enables Airwheel C5 to store more pictures. Owing to the APP interconnection and WIFI transmission, the wears can also view and share photos and videos through smart devices.

    Airwheel C5 smart helmet

    Taking full account of the market, Airwheel has installed the Bluetooth speaker in the helmet. Thanks to this equipment, the wear can listen to the music and meanwhile hear the external sound without headphones. What’s more, the call can also be answered through C5 by just clicking on key on the helmet.

    Airwheel C5 smart helmet can work not only outdoors, but also indoors. After the daily working, the helmet can acts as a home security at home. It can support non-net video 24 hours per day. Any abnormalities can be noticed when the wearers get home. Airwheel C5 smart bike helmets is not just a conventional helmet, but also an intelligent body with camera, mobile phone, Walkman and monitor functions.

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